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You have just been completely amazing,patient&understanding, Beth Staffs



Hello Lynne, I came to you yesterday, sat 14th Jan 2012. I came to you for a spirit reading. I was warned that it was probebly too soon,but the person I needed,the person I wanted did come through. You got my dad to come. I have never had any sort of reading done in my life,it's not that i didnt believe,I have never felt any reason too. I was scared,not of you,or even that I was venturing into the unknown,but because I needed this more than I have wanted or needed anything in my life. You told me things that there was no way you could of known......ever. At times during the reading I could of closed my eyes and other than your voice I could of been listening to my dad,the way you phrased things.......that was him. You truly are a special lady,with a remarkable gift. I was rock bottom lynne,I was sinking very fast........I left with a warm feeling...a feeling that i havnt felt in a long time. Thank you so much,I cannot put into words how I feel today.....i have even smiled. You told me to come back,but to wait a few months......this im not sure I can do.......a few months is forever away.....Thank you once again LynnFrom Claire x Clair Staffs.


hi, lynne . i came too see you the christmas before last , not knowing what it was i was actually going to hear . but what you said to me really hit home and all came so very true with in a matter of weeks .... so this is why i returned again only to be told what i already knew was true, but to hear it from someone else was very re-assuring to me .. i just now have to be very patient and wait. thanks ever such alot, for been my light and guiding me in the right direction.. many thank's Billy Staffs.



I came to see you in Nov/Dec 2009 following a recommendation from my friend. At the time we had been trying for our 2nd baby for about 12 months, which you knew without me telling you. You said it would happen maybe as early as Jan 2010 and that you could see a boy, well we got pregnant on 14th February and we gave birth to our beautiful son Casey Blake on 11th December 2010! Other parts we discussed are also true, you predicted that my boss would not be very happy, well he was OK at first, but since I have been on maternity leave he has been the dark shadow you predicted! I felt very much at ease for what was my first ever tarot reading and everything you said has come true. It has been far too long since I came to see you, hence I have made an appointment for next week! Jamie Stoke on Trent



You were amazing today you've made me feel like there's a big light at the end of the tunnel and you've made my mum finally believe thank you see you very soon xxx Jo M. Newcastle under Lyme



Fantastic reading as always - highly recommended.   Sammi. Stoke on Trent



each individual card until we really understood it.  Then we moved on to learning different spreads and began to put our knowledge of the cards together.  It did take a while for it all to click into place,but the regular classes and Lynne's endless patience have made it a smooth journey.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the Tarot classes and would recommend anyone interested to give it a go."  Charlotte H. Stafford
"I have been learning the Tarot cards with Lynne since March 2009.  To begin with Lynne explained each card like telling a story, making it very visual and descriptive.  She spent as much time as we needed on



Thank you for the sitting on Saturday.  I have been searching for a friendly and sincere medium for 5 years now and now I've found you!  It was a pleasure to meet you and visit your lovely shop.  I hope to visit you again soon, thank you and God bless.  Carol, Staffs.



hiya lynne, thank you so much for my spiritual reading. I cant believe how good you were, I will definitely be back soon! :D Thank you xx   Marie, Stoke on Trent.



 I found my last appointment both accurate and gave me a deeper faith in the life after. Thank you again, you have given me hope and faith again. Bridget S. Crewe,Cheshire.



hiya lynne thanks very much for the tarot reading yesterday it was really good!! and I am still in shock lol!! hope u have a really good year and I am sure u will be seeing me again soon lol xx   Natasha P, Stoke on Trent



thank you so much for today it meant everything to me. Now I know what I have to do and feel extremely comforted.Thank you so much for your help Bev. Newcastle under Lyme



Hi Lynne, i really enjoyed the clairvoyance night on Saturday, thank you  for the message.. Vicky Stoke on Trent



Hiya Lynne, Thank you for my tarot reading, its given me so much hope, and for the messages off my Dave, words can not say how happy that made me, will cu soon. Thank you Andrea Stoke on Trent



hiya lynne i would like to thank you for last weeks reading really enjoyed it i will be in shortly for spirit link thank you Becky Stoke on Trent



Thank you Lynn for my readings and classes.... you have really helped me get through this last year,..... Kathy,Shropshire.



Hi Lynne!  I just wanted to say many thanks yet again for the reading you did for me today! To get my nan through and to get so much information from you about her was a great comfort and it makes me feel a lot happier in myself knowing that she's now happy and well where she is!  I'll no doubt see you again very soon! Kristy Stoke on Trent.



What an incredible night, thank you so much, looking forward to the next evening already, take care xx Marcia Stoke on Trent (Evening of Clairvoyance)



fantastic night sweetie we really enjoyed it i think u have another fan!me mother in law thought u were really good xxxxxxxx can't wait for the next one xxxxx Beverly Stoke on Trent (Evening of Clairvoyance)



I came to see you about this time last year for a tarot reading. At the time i had a lot going on in my life which was quite painful and it was also my very first time having my cards read. At the time you were telling me things that i just didn't think were possible and i said to you there was no way some of the things would happen that you told me about, but they have!!!!!!!You were right and i am so pleased that you were the first medium i saw because you were amazing and didn't push me to believe what you were saying, it did happen though!!!!!Debbie S Stoke on Trent.



You are not only a very skilled and talented medium but you also have excellent interpersonal skills, a lovely genuine personality and great sense of humour too, which all combined make you a very special lady. So thank you, because im not sure how i would be handling it without the help you've given. K.S Staffordshire.



Hi Lynne,Happy New Year to you.Just an update on the reading you gave me1. Yes we did move house and it was hectic as you said.2. You said that we would accept two offers on my house that we were selling and that the first offer would fall through which it has all happened as you said and now the house has sold.God bless and thanx again. xxx C.S-P. Liverpool



Very impressed with Lynne's reading today, both Tarot and Clairvoyancy.  I have recommended you to friends and hopefully you will see them and myself again in the near future. Thank you ever so G.B. Stoke on Trent



Hi Lynne, thank you so much for my reading yesterday(19/1/11) I can't believe everything you said was so true. I am so pleased I came - I was very nervous when I came but that soon went away when you started!!  Already, about 5 of my friends are going to make appointments with you!  Thank you very much again!  I will be back soon. Amanda Stoke on Trent.



I really just wanted to say thank you for the reading today.  I've had so many readings in the past and people I've wanted to come through have done but never have I been brought to tears - happy tears though I may add.  Todays reading was one that I will never forget, I'm really looking forward to coming to visit you again. Today meant the world to me, you won't ever understand how much it meant. Thanks for your time and help with Spirit. Nikki Stoke on Trent





hi lynne and mark, i had a reading today and it was fantastic, i would love to come to your workshops to learn how to use tarot cards please could i have more info about this ie dates ect many thanks helen Staffs




Hi lynne thanx for friday brilliant as usual sylvia really enjoyed her first time with you thank mark for the tea Jayne Staffs



I've been to see Lynne on many occasions.  I found the whole experience moving and very helpful.  I would recommend anyone that has lost a loved one to come to see Lynne.  Thanks for everything.  Shelly W. Madeley.






Hiya Lynne.. I just wanted to say thanks so much for my reading and spirit link, I’ve been to may clairvoyant nights before and had had experience of readings from other, but I have got to say your was the best one I’ve ever had, I’ve never had my tarots read before and you made me feel so relaxed even though I didn’t know what to expect. Your work is detailed and definitely a breath of fresh air! Already some of things which you told me have started to fall in to place. I have recommended you to all my friends and family. Hope to see you soon, and many thanks again. J.Bailey.



Dear Lynne My friend and I came to see you yesterday, for the first time, for a reading. We were both so impressed with both the accuracy and amount of information you gave us both and I was touched by your tact and understanding, particularly when discussing difficult and sensitive issues. Your warm, friendly personality is instantly relaxing and you took time to clarify any detail, at no time did I feel my time with you was hurried, quite the reverse actually! I left you feeling uplifted and my head was buzzing with the amount of helpful information you had shared with me. You have a very special gift and a very special way of sharing it with those who come to you, each one for different reasons. I recommend to anyone reading this that may have any doubts, to go and see you as they will not be disappointed.A very sincere thank you. Lynda, Stone.











Just like to say thank you very much for the reading. Its helped alot and was very inspirational and moving. I hope the cards are right and my future works out! Ill come to see u again in a few months and ill reccommend u to friends and family Ben,Stoke on Trent


























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