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Lynne has extensive and many years experience in both the Tarot and Mediumship.
Mystic Eye

Tarot Card Readings

Love, job, family, health, all areas of life are covered in a tarot reading. Lynne uses her own personalised spreads which gives great detail , approximate times of  events, very detailed and specific information. Lynne's clients return again and again to find what their future holds.






Blazing Eye

Spirit Link Reading

Lynne connects to spirit using her psychic ability or mediumship.  She will describe in as much detail as possible the messages she receives from your loved ones.  Lynne can see, hear  and feel emotions from spirit.  Lynne is very respectful, empathic and caring both to the person she is reading for and also to the loved one who is in spirit.


Please check out Lynne's testimonial page for genuine emails from just a few of her many clients.

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